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We are a technical team that understands the process behind SEO, but we are also content creators. Let us create your next campaign with a winning combination of our technical knowledge, creative insight, and expertise of SEO in Hamilton.

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Did you know searching “Hamilton New Zealand” generates over 232 million results in 0.60 seconds? Seems overwhelming, right? It’s especially daunting if you are a business in this city seeking to stand out in the search engine results. Take into account that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of results, and you might feel some pressure to rethink your internet presence.

This is where an understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) becomes essential – it completely changes how well customers can find your business online.


Your Situation

Our process begins with one-on-one communication to understand your personal objectives. Then, we begin a thorough analytics and traffic examination to get a more detailed understanding of your current situation.


Our Strategy

We will begin to network an architecture analysis by identifying the existing resources. When our team investigates your content, they are then able to expand their search to find new link acquisition opportunities.


Time to Deploy

Once everything has been examined, we are ready to implement our key strategical elements step by step over a set period of time.


Observe and Learn

Continual observation of the updated traffic, rankings, and resources will be conducted to ensure that your content is continuously optimised to its full potential. Monitoring the data reports and new ROI calculations are another method to observe and make more efficient changes going forward.

Letting Them Find You

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What Is SEO?

SEO involves a combination of practices that drive businesses and websites to the front of search engine results. It depends on many factors – including the page content and keywords. It comes down to knowing your audience and understanding what they are likely to type into a search engine.

For example, while “Hamilton New Zealand” brings hundreds of millions of results, “Hamilton New Zealand hotels” generates 12 million results. There is still ample competition, but knowing what people are looking for helps narrow down results while boosting your page ranking.

Keywords and Content Creation

SEO relies heavily on search queries, or what people type into search engines in the first place. As a website creator, you are looking to incorporate those keywords or search phrases into the content of your site. Sometimes this involves some clumsy phrasing that doesn’t make much sense, even if it ultimately helps the SEO. This is where we come in.

We take the keywords most related to your industry and incorporate them naturally into the content of your site. Targeting the right keywords that people search for will ultimately drive them to your website. In fact, it is our understanding of SEO and a search phrase that probably brought you to this site in the first place.

What Comes After Content?

Content creation is the first step towards SEO. Once we have made updates to your site, assessed industry competitors in Hamilton, and identified target keywords, we shift to creating backlinks.

Backlinks create references to your site on other websites. Backlinks take the form of clickable hyperlinks, either as a text or image on another site. The goal is to get a follow-through click to bring the user to your webpage.

You can think of backlinks as “votes” from other websites. It generates popularity and credibility by showing another site or business is willing to buy into your product or services. This increases your importance to the search engine generating results.

Of course, search engine algorithms factor in thousands of variables to evaluate the ranking of your website. With this in mind, SEO is an incredibly technical process involving a lot of labour. If you are not trained in understanding SEO and analytics, you’ll want to outsource to experts.

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Contact the Team at NZ SEO in Hamilton today to learn how your website can become SEO compatible. People are out there searching for you now – let us help you simplify that search. 

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Contact our Team at NZ SEO in Hamilton today to learn how your website can become SEO compatible. People are out there searching for you now – let us help you simplify that search.