Precision Targeting Through AdWords

Make sure you’re reaching your target audience by employing of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns through Google AdWords.


Get Smart with Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most flexible – and powerful – marketing strategies available. It allows users to access up to date consumer reporting data and analytics at any time. It also lets users use this data to shift other strategies and informs them how to reach their target populations more effectively.


Your Situation

Our process begins with one-on-one communication to understand your personal objectives. Then, we begin a thorough analytics and traffic examination to get a more detailed understanding of your current situation.


Our Strategy

We will begin to network an architecture analysis by identifying the existing resources. When our team investigates your content, they are then able to expand their search to find new link acquisition opportunities.


Time to Deploy

Once everything has been examined, we are ready to implement our key strategical elements step by step over a set period of time.


Observe and Learn

Continual observation of the updated traffic, rankings, and resources will be conducted to ensure that your content is continuously optimised to its full potential. Monitoring the data reports and new ROI calculations are another method to observe and make more efficient changes going forward.

Precision Targeting Through AdWords

You might hear some talk about the pros and cons of organic listings VS Google AdWords listings, and these are important when it comes to understanding PPC. With organic listings, you rise to the top of the search results by utilising a variety of SEO tactics. With PPC AdWords listings, you pay a fee to be ranked at the top of the results.

The most successful campaigns utilise both.

When it comes to choosing an advertising campaign, PPC marketing is one of the best investments you can make. It leverages the Google AdWords service and provides your company with:

-Round the clock access to real-time metrics
-Consumer search and query insights
-Focused targeting options for small areas
-Country wide and global metrics and targeting options
-Constant monitoring of campaign parameters

With these tools, your marketing team can quickly make adjustments to areas of your campaigns that ensure you rise to the top of the search engine result lists – and stay there.

In a PPC campaign, links to your webpage are featured in the top search result listings for certain, predetermined keywords. These are the links you see on Google that are labelled “Sponsored.” Every time a customer clicks on that link, your company pays that search engine a small fee. The other cost in Pay Per Click advertising comes from the keywords. In the Google AdWords model, users must bid on keywords in order to use them in their campaign.

Overtime, those costs can accumulate and make PPC one of the more expensive online advertising options – but since the majority of those clicks results in a sale, the cost is always worth it.

PPC marketing plans are very flexible and allow the user to change or even pause campaigns if they are not performing as desired or no longer fit the budget. This can be very useful, as Google AdWords has no fixed price per click. It instead rewards more successful campaigns with lower prices per click, so it is always in your best interest to have a team of professionals manage your PPC advertising campaigns.

Want More Information

If you are interested in learning more about what a professionally managed Pay Per Click adverting campaign can do for your company, contact our team. We can discuss your company’s unique needs and goals, and we can explain the specific approaches we would employ in your PPC campaign. We are also happy to go over our reporting tools, so you’ll have a better understanding of how to analyse the progression of your campaign.