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Facebook Audience Statistics

Loved Worldwide
2.23 billion users per month worldwide.

Loved in New Zealand
2.7 million Kiwi users per month.

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3 million companies already advertise here.

Still Growing
5 new profiles created every second.

The complex process of making your website appear higher in the natural (free or unpaid) search engine results.
Social Media
Make your social presence felt with management of Facebook pages, advertising solutions and content for Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
Get highly targeted visitors to your website immediately, with Google advertising, commonly referred to as PPC.
If you don't have the best-looking website in your industry, we can ensure that you will. Stunning websites for all markets.


Reaching Your Audience by Standing Out

While likes, comments, follows, and reactions are nice to see, they don’t necessarily get you sales. We fine-tune our Facebook ads to reach a target audience that will convert. We find the smartest ways to get in front of your ideal demographics and psychographics. Our campaigns do this by fine-tuning ads based on:

  • Location – we find them where they are and where they’re going
  • Age – audience age affects their purchasing behaviour
  • Interests – audiences interested in certain things might also be interested in your ads
  • Income – you need those who can afford you to see you
  • Competition – going where the competition goes can be a good idea in this case
  • Lookalikes – we’ll find those who match the profile of others you’re targeting
  • Retargeting – users who have already visited your site are likely to come back

Ready to Start Advertising

In order to deliver an effective message, you have to know where your audience is and how to get to them. Getting your ads to the right people makes all the difference in getting actual conversions rather than just likes and comments. We’ll help you track down the people you want to advertise to and then craft the perfect message to create sales.

Once you’ve been noticed by the right people through your Facebook Advertising efforts, you’ve got to make sure you’re delivering the right message that motivates them to click. Our team will customise your ads to meet the needs of your customer, choosing the best images and carefully crafted words in order to reach your goals.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, increase web visitors, get more email sign-ups, build more leads, or all of the above, we can find a way to do it. Using Facebook’s detailed analytics, we can then learn from each ad and modify future ads to improve upon the old model and consistently boost ROI.

We’ll relate your situation to you using plain English and data that you can understand. We know that you don’t have time to sort through pages of metrics, statistics that don’t make sense, and statements that are full of jargon. So we give it to you plain and simple, illustrating the effectiveness of your ads in a way that proves their impact. We value your Facebook Marketing performance, as we’re a pay by performance agency. That means we don’t get paid if your ads don’t perform, so we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen.

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